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We possess core competitiveness through continuous R&D investment based on professional technical personnel and accumulated technology.

Technology Possession

We have the technology to create infinite customized boards based on years of accumulated embedded core technology.

H/W Technical

Possession of over 20 years of hardware research experience 
Design technology for Notebook, PC, Embedded, BLE IoT Device, Micom 
Official H/W partner registration with Samsung and Rockchip
Possession of various Embedded CPU circuit design to mass production technologies 

Samsung / RockChip / Nexell / Allwinner
Possession of self-reference circuit design technology verified over the years (certification, mass production)
PCB design (impedance, High Speed) analysis technology possession
EMC, NOISE design countermeasure technology possession
Possession of verified camera, sensor and main device circuits 
Experience and know-how in various product mass production

S/W Technical Capabilities OS/BSP

Over 20 years S/W design experience possession 
15 years experience in Linux & Android OS Porting development  
Linux & Android Kernel Device Driver Porting  

Nexell / Rock Chip / Allwinner / FreeScale  
Android 8.2,10,11 & 12 Version. capabilities possession   
Linux capabilities possession   

[Debian 10 (Linux Kernel ver. 4.19)], [Debian 11 (Linux Kernel ver.5.10)],[Ubuntu 22.04 (Linux Kernel ver. 5.10)]  

S/W Technical Capabilities IoT & Micom Firmware 

Micom technical career possession  
NORDIC BLE(Expert), Nuvoton(Advanced), ST Micro(Advanced)  
Algorithm Design Possession According to Operation Specification   
Visual C+

S/W Technical Capabilities Appl.

Androdi application S/W capabilities possession

Multi-camera, Smart STB, DID,Kiosk,Smart Mirror,Karaoke box Device

application software capabilities possession  
QT application capabilities
Android RTSP network Streaming  SW capabilities
Visual C++


Core Technology Possessions

Embedded Part  

Hardware Design Development (Providing Optimal Solutions Minimizing Development Schedule/Cost)
Software Android,Linux BSP development   
Inch-by-Inch(2.1inch~43inch) LCD Display Implementation Development   
4K Grade Multi Camera Video Development    
ToF Sensor Integration Development    
Network FTP Server Integration Technology Development    
TCP/IP RTSP Network Camera Video Transmission Development    
Multi-Multiple Screen Division Development    
Sensor Device Connection Interactive Appl.Development     
Android Smartphone Web Development

Core Technology Possessions

Micom & IoT Part

Micom & BLE Hardware Design Development (Providing Optimal Solutions Minimizing Developement Schedule/Cost)
Micom(ST Micro,Nuvoton,Renesas)
Multi Role , Multi-Link development.
Own IoT,Sensor Control,Cooling Network Algorithm Possesion.
Software Firmware development.
IoT Product,Sensor Applied Product Equipment Control Board Health Care Devices etc Various Application Developments


Development/Planning to Productization Process

  • Customer Spec Acquisition

  • Product Developement Planning 

  • Development Initiation     

  • First Prototype Production(Approximately Takes Around 2~2.5 Months)

  • Circuit Design

  • Circuit Design Period(Approximately Takes Around a Week ~3 Weeks )

  • CAD(PADS Logic OR-Cad Altium)

  • Artwork Design(Layer from two up until twelve layers )

  • EMC Noise Countermeasure Designs.

  • Miniaturization Impedance High Speed Designs.

  • Artwork Design Period(Approximately Takes Around 2 Weeks~4 Weeks)


  • PCB Production

  • Build-up PCB Layer from two up until twelve layers.

  • Impedance High Speed Specification Management.

  • Production Period(Approximately Takes Around a Week~4 Weeks)

  • Production Manufacturing

  • SMT(Surface Mount Technology) 

  • PCB A'SSY and Assembly LINE 

  • ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO13485(Medical Device Production) Certification Possession.

  • Product Manufacturing

  • Production Volume of 1000 Units(Takes Approximately 3 Days)

  • Android Ver. 8,11,12 

  • Android BSP Porting

  • Linux ,Android Kernel Device Driver Porting

  • Linux, Android OS Porting 

  • Linux (Linux Kernel ver. 4.19, ver. 5.10) 

  • Android APPL SW Development

  • Web SW Development   

  • Multimedia Industrial Healthcare

  • Camera Video

  • FTP Server Communication RTSP Video Streaming

  • ToF Camera Applications

  • Reasonable Development Cost  

  • Realization of Productization from Design in the Shortest Time    

  • Customized Customer Design Productization  

  • Various Application Productization with One High-Performance Board   

  • OEM ODM Products(Inch-by-Inch DID /kiosk /Smart Mirror Board IoT Device Products BLE IoT Products Micom Products

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